The Forest

Credits: Sound design, Programing & Game design

June 2018

The Forest is a game created as part of my exam in the course 3D-audio at Sonic College.

The idea with this production was to explore the interactive and atmospheric properties of spatialized 3D sound with the help of FMOD and Google Resonance Audio. The soundscape is created using ambisonic recorings and the evil voices are spatialized using the FB360 plugin.

The player is lost in the middle of a foggy forest. The objective is to find a river running through the forest. To do this, a voice is guiding the player in the right direction. But something or someone is lurking in the forest, who doesn’t want the player to succeed.

Since the audio in game (and video) is in 3D, headphones is highly recommanded.

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Hey, I’m Mads.

I am a generalist sound designer from Denmark, specialised in game audio, with a passion for technical design and pipeline development.

I’m a full-time employee at Omnigame in Copenhagen, where I design, compose and implement sound and music.

When I’m not working I like to spend time with my family and friends, go to the gym and care for my plants.

Feel free to message me through my social platforms or write me an email at