A big thanks to all our interviewees. This thesis would not have been possible without their help.

Ben Minto – Audio Director at DICE
Gustav Rathsman – Sound Designer at DICE
Guy Somberg – Lead & Audio Programmer at Echtra
Jonas Breum Jensen – Lead Sound Designer at IO Interactive
Lydia Andrews – Audio Director at Ubisoft Quebec City Studio
Rob Bridget – Audio Director at EIDOS Montreal
Stephen Hodde – Audio Director at PolyArc





This is my bachelors project from Sonic College, made in collaboration with Jeppe Emil Lindskov.


This thesis aims to provide the reader with an understanding of the importance of designing a game audio pipeline and how to create a pipeline, that streamlines and optimizes workflow and game audio implementation. To do this, an examination of the various elements that goes into creating a pipeline and what considerations to take into account, is made. This information is then exemplified in a case study of a third person adventure game. The game is treated as a prototype in pre-production and aims to showcase how a pipeline could be designed. This includes various pipeline and implementation tools, designed with the case study in mind.
The thesis concludes that there is no universal answer to building a pipeline, but that it is important to be aware of how you are working, what steps you need to go through and then find ways to improve upon it. Building a pipeline is a question of organizing, outlining and testing, with the purpose of providing higher planning stability. It is impossible to prepare for every situation, which is why the importance of having game audio be part of the pre-production phase of game development is being argued. Pre-production is the initial phase of production and deciding upon apipeline this early and keeping it consistent through production is vital. It will make problem solving easier and create more room for creativity.
The thesis is based primarily upon interviews with various game audio directors andgame audio professionals. The reason for this is the value of expertise on the subjectthese individuals have been able to provide us and the limited pre-existent materialavailable on the subject.

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Hey, I’m Mads.

I am a generalist sound designer from Denmark, specialised in game audio, with a passion for technical design and pipeline development.

I’m a full-time employee at Omnigame in Copenhagen, where I design, compose and implement sound and music.

When I’m not working I like to spend time with my family and friends, go to the gym and care for my plants.

Feel free to message me through my social platforms or write me an email at contact@madsriddersholm.com